Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Morning Glory WIP part 1

I started a new pencil work yesterday. It is to be a lioness and her cub, A3 size on Bristol board. I'm using for reference one of the brilliant Billy Dodson of Savannah Images 's photographs, with his kind permission of course. I want to create a more interesting background though so have started pencilling in shafts of strong morning sunlight filtering through some foliage and shrubbery.
I have what I want in mind so I'm going to build and alter this as I go and see how it comes together before starting on the main subject.
I'm going for a good contrast in tones from bright light to dark shadows with a subtle misty effect in the far background. I'm using B, 2B and 3B as well as 6B for the darkest parts, blending with a piece of J cloth as well as tortillons made from tightly rolled paper, taking out shapes with my putty rubber. I don't know if you can make out the faint sketch but the lioness and cub are to be lying on the bottom right of the scene and will be in dappled light.

A long way to go yet but above is as far as I got yesterday. It's coming on and I'd hoped to get most of the background done today. However, due to a very welcome splurge of sales from my website I've had to spend the whole morning in my shed packaging up paintings and drawings to go off to distant shores and remote counties. I truly detest packaging, wrestling framed bubble wrapped paintings into boxes made from other boxes. It always seems to take hours and I always emerge from my shed all worked up and stressed out.

Now not in the mood to settle down to any 'proper' work so I'll continue with my drawing tomorrow and update my progress.

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