Monday, 2 May 2011

Another Day in the Life

Well, after my small accident on Saturday (falling off a step-ladder and duffing up my knee) things hadn't improved much as I went to bed last night, hobbling up the stairs, painfully getting undressed and tentatively sliding under the covers. I couldn't easily get comfortable but eventually fell into a fitful sleep. Blessed relief!

About 4 o'clock I was awakened by a high pitched bleep from the upstairs smoke alarm, it seems the battery had chosen this unearthly hour to give up it's life and needed changing. Seconds later there was the most deafening commotion on the stairs. Sounding like an express train it built to a crescendo before my bedroom door was almost smashed off the hinges, slamming against the wall as seven stone of panic stricken German Shepherd (Murphy) burst into the bedroom and flung himself against the bed, swiftly followed by Leon the puppy hanging onto his tail.

I should explain at this point that Murphy, being a rescued dog has very many issues some of which we are still finding out about even after the six years we've had him. For instance although brave as a lion when it comes to any stranger approaching our front door, willing to defend us to the death if necessary, if he hears the 'F' word shouted loudly even on the TV he whimpers and creeps behind the sofa in terror. So he probably had an owner who swore and beat him in his previous life and now it appears he also has a problem with high pitched beeps for god only knows what reason.

Half asleep I hobbled slowly down the stairs, not easy with a petrified and shaking wuss of an Alsation not wanting me to lose physical contact with him and also a wide awake hyper-active puppy bouncing around us both thinking this is great fun, extra playtime in the middle of the night!

I made it to the kitchen drawer and began rummaging around for batteries. It's one of those drawers that is stuffed full of everything that you are sure 'will come in useful one day' but never has what you are searching for. Unfortunately no batteries of the correct sort. The smoke detectors in our house run off the mains electricity and the battery is a back-up, so realising it would be of no use just removing the battery I slowly limped to the fuse box. It was either this or smash the bleeping bastard thing down off the ceiling with a broom handle!

Opening up the fuse box I was confronted with about 10 circuit breakers, 4 of which were immediately switched off by Leon who was determined to help. Plunged into darkness Murphy's shaking increased dramatically and he bowled me over as his panic went into overdrive. I finally managed to get everything back on and find the correct trip switch to disable the alarm.

Phew! Now my bed was calling me back so, trying to comfort a still trembling Murphy the best I could I started up the stairs again. Half way up he whipped around and flung himself at the back door, crying loudly. I got to it just in time to let him out where he immediately emptied his bowels all over the patio. Great! A nice job for me in the morning. He didn't seem too keen to come back in but I managed to coax him back and we went up to the bedroom where he lay on the floor beside the bed and panted loudly for the remainder of the night. Jenny meanwhile had slept through it all, how do people do that?

Six thirty and I couldn't stand it any longer so slowly and painfully got dressed and took the dogs down to the beach in the van. Shouldn't be too many people about at this time on a bank holiday should there? So I let them out for a romp while I settled on a bench to watch. Wrong! two joggers approached along the path accompanied by their two beautifully behaved Golden Retrievers loping along in perfect harmony behind them. It was too late for me to react and the ever enthusiastic Leon took off like a whippet for more play time. Staggering along after them, calling and waving my arms about like a lunatic was of no use. This was the best day/night he'd ever had and so they all disappeared over the horizon. He always comes back eventually but Murphy and I had to wait another half hour or so before he finally returned sporting a big grin on his Golden Retriever slobber covered face. It could have been worse. There might have been a horse and I would have lost Murphy too.

Of course I stepped in the mess on the patio as I approached the back door upon my return which just about made my day complete and it was still only about half past eight in the morning.

I had planned a day's painting today but to be honest I'm too tired and not in the mood.

Happy bank holiday to you all! I'm off back to bed.


Lorna said...

Gawd, what a start to the day. I hope you had a good sleep eventually.
Have you read 'Hyperbole and a half' 'The Simple Dog Goes For A Joyride' . It serves to remind of the baggage a rescue dog brings with them. Bit like adopting a child really. Well done you for doing that anyway :o)

Kae Hutchens said...

Eesh, what a wake-up call! Hope you get to feeling better, sounds like you most certainly deserve a day off!