Saturday, 21 May 2011

Another Swan WIP

This next piece was to be a companion piece for my previous pencil work called 'Co-Ordinated Chaos' but I'm happy to say that is already on it's way to it's new home. Hopefully I'll have this one for my next little show in Southwold next weekend.

Using another photograph from the Paint My Photo reference library I've begun after sketching my outline drawing by working up a bit of sky. As usual working left to right, top to bottom I've put a wash of mostly B and 3B across the sky area, blending with soft cloth and then working with my rubbers to begin getting the cloud effects. I'll be working more on the sky as I progress across the paper but for now I have enough done to be able to begin blocking in the tree and foliage area. This is done initially with my finger dipped into my pot of graphite powder and a little work with 6B and 3B pencils.

Next I add the twig and branch effects to the most distant trees using sharp B, HB and 3B pencils before lifting out some branches and trunks and the nearer bushes.
After tidying this area up I've also gone for a reed bed close to the river bank and once this is finished I'll be working on the reflections in the water more, for now they are just roughed in. Already I'm liking my background and I think I'll give this a lot more attention before moving on to the swan itself.

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