Monday, 9 May 2011

Co-ordinated Chaos WIP stage 3

...and a bit more today. I'm pleased with the swan at the back, done with HB, B and 2B pencils. Some delicate blending done with a fine colour shaper. For those who haven't seen one it's a paint-brush shaped tool but instead of bristles it has a silicone wedge shaped piece which is ideal for some fine blending in a tight space. Usually used by me for pastel work but handy for graphite too.

Then more dark on the background. I haven't decided yet as to whether I will put in some suggestions of foliage in the background like in the reference photo. I can do this at the end with my putty rubbers if I want but it may be too busy. I'm quite liking the cloudy effect that is there at the moment, may just refine this a bit.

Slow progress eh? I might be busy all day tomorrow so may not get any more done, we'll see.


Diane said...

those colour shapers are handy for oils too Pete--I use them in my workshops a lot---

Dors said...

Looking great Peter. Thanks for the tips as you work on this. I use a shaper too and they are great. I don't seem to have a lot of luck with the stylo... mine is a darning needle inserted in a clutch pencil. Nev smoothed off the end of the needle.

Your work is Awesome.

Andrea Farmer said...

Wow, Peter, this is amazing! You must have such patience to create such a detailed drawing. As ever, I am in awe. :)