Friday, 6 May 2011

Co-ordinated Chaos WIP stage 1

I'm using another photograph from the Paint My Photo website for this pencil work. It's about A3 size on Bristol board. I once painted a similar scene to this in watercolour with gouache which I remember being instrumental in me developing a method to give the effect of water splash. This time working in pencil, from the start I have no idea how I am going to get the required effect. It will be challenging and time consuming that's for sure. It might all go horribly wrong, we shall see.
After my initial outline sketch I began by texturing the surface of the paper to some degree by repeatedly stabbing it with each of my 2 stylo's (differrent thicknesses) This makes indentations which later should show up as sparkly bits in the water splashes. Next I wash over the area using 2B, 6B and 8B pencils, lifting out parts by hitting and rolling with my putty rubbers, repeating over and again until the effect begins to come out.
Next I began on one of the swan wings using B and 2B pencils. By putting this in now it gives me a chance to properly define the wing edges and get a better idea of tonal values required as I develop the water.

This area is far from completed. It doesn't look like I have achieved much at all but I've been working slowly and learning as I go. That's part of the beauty of working in pencil. As I'm quite busy at the moment with other stuff I can pick up or leave this as time allows. I estimate that this is going to take many days to complete, in particular the lower part of the water with it's waves and reflections.

I'll update the blog once I have more progress to show.

Have been asked about this a lot. What I mean by my Stylo. I have this tool which used to have 'Stylo' written on the side (now worn away) but it's basically a handle with a couple of prongs sticking out each end which have a rounded smooth tip. I use this to indent the paper either by drawing or peppering with dots. Then when lightly drawn over the indentations remain bright white. Good for creating whiskers, hairs and fur effects. I often use other tools such as a knitting needle, an old brass screw. I know some people use an expired biro pen. Anything which does the job really. Best not to overdo the marks though as they can easily spoil a good drawing if applied too much.

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