Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Co-ordinated Chaos WIP stage 4

Back in the saddle today, working on the water initially. Working with 6B, 3B and HB pencils just a case of creating appropriate shapes, shading in then some light blending and lifting out with my trusty putty rubber.

I decided on a bit of sky and a tree line for the background. I enjoy this part of the process the most and these skies are becoming a bit of a trademark. Quite quick to do I used HB and 3B pencils and some vigorous blending with a cleanish J cloth before lifting out the cloud shapes with my putty rubber, then more blending and lifting until I got the sky I wanted. The tree line was created by dipping my finger into my pot of 'reclaimed' graphite from my sharpenings, then rubbing and smudging it in to get the very dark areas. I picked out a few pale streaks with the sharp edge of my rubber then exploited and sharpened these up with my 6B and 3b to give the impression of a few tree trunks and branches. Finally I used a very sharp 3B and HB to create all the twigs and distant trees. I've also started on the next swan. Plenty more to do yet but this is proving to be quite an enjoyable piece to work on.

Since starting this I've been looking more closely at the local communities of swans. I think as they are so common we easily forget what magnificent creatures they are. So powerful yet graceful. I remember walking across the marsh and fields between Walberswick and Southwold recently on a windy bright day. A swan flew quite close to us at just above head height, so close I could feel the beat of it's wings as it made slow progress against the breeze. There was eye contact before it swept away toward the river, leaving me feeling quite stunned at the magnificence of the spectacle, like something from another world. Hmmmm. might have to do more swan pictures.

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Dors said...

Fabulous work Peter. I enjoyed reading how you produce this magnificent piece. and yes I agree they are magnificent birds.