Thursday, 2 June 2011

Moving On.

Thanks for all the good wishes recently. The recent show in Southwold went as expected, great fun with good networking and a few small sales to make it worth while. As a result of showing my Colossus painting I got invited to take part in another show with the Suffolk Punch Trust at the Hollesley Bay Stud in July (about 10 miles away from my home) so now I'm working on some appropriate horsey stuff to show there. This is one reason I do these craft fairs, the knock-on effect is very valuable for those of us trying to get noticed.

Finishing at Southwold Monday afternoon it was down to London on the train Tuesday to hand in my 'Desperado' wolf drawing for the David Shepherd Wildlife Artist of the Year show at the Mall Gallery. The exhibition starts next Monday the 6th June with the preview and private view. I'll be going down to that too.

I enjoyed it immensely last year and was dead chuffed to sell my painting 'High And Mighty' at the preview night. Looking at the standard of entries this year I don't expect to do so well, in fact I'm surprised I got in at all. Still, you never know.....I'll write about the show next week after I return.

Meanwhile I have a nice reference picture of a couple of Suffolk Punches to work from. I'm doing this in pencil on Stonehenge paper, no WIP this time, it's a bit too big for my scanner but I'll post the finished piece once it's done.


aikatherine said...

wau! Upeata! Ihanat hevoset.. värit.. olet mestari! Onnea!

Peter Williams said...

Kiitos Aikatherine, ja tervetuloa blogiin.