Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Is It Me????

Well, I seem to be getting messed about from pillar to post just lately. In the last several weeks I've had one picture smashed to pieces by Parcel force (the clue was in the name I suppose). One commission customer backed out after completion, 2 weeks work down the Swanney. My canvas prints via Groupon/Youframe took 6 weeks to come (only after threatening Groupon with legal action did they chase up Youframe) My competition prize I won from Groupon still hasn't come after 3 weeks.

Oh... and I got bitten by another dog at the beach again last weekend (not too serious this time) My dogs were still in my van but this little b*****d decided he was going to attack my friends dog while we chatted and I just happened to be between the two.

Fortunately my friend has large feet...did you know weimaraners can fly?

Sometimes I wonder how people can be so hopeless/ignorant/ wonder so many businesses are failing nowadays.

Now to my latest debacle.

Wanting to order a new batch of giclee prints I found that one of my usual print companies is no longer trading, the other has increased prices too far. So I looked for a new company to use and settled on one

I phoned them for a chat and a few questions. Then I prepared my images and wrote them to a cd. I included full instructions with it and posted it off. I also emailed them to say they will be receiving my disc and copied them the instructions on my email. This was on Thurs 30th June. On Fri I received an email to say my order was in progress and would be dispatched the following Friday. So far so good.

I put the new images up on my website in anticipation and have sold 2 so far, just need to receive them so I can send them off.

Today I still have not received my prints and I'm impatient as I'm doing a show on Sunday. I was hoping to sell some there. So I phoned DPD again.

"Oh erm. Mr Williams, I was going to email you....we haven't been able to open a couple of your files."

"So why didn't you mail me when you first found out?"

"I only just found out"

"But you said you would have my order completed last Friday"

"Our printer was broken down all last week"

"Why didn't you email me to say this?"


"OK which of the files can't you open? I'll email them direct to you"

"Dunno. I'll have to go and find out. I'll send you an email to let you know"

One hour passes.....nothing...I take the dogs out for their walk thinking it will be here waiting when I get back. Two more hours later....nothing. I ring back.

"Where's the email...I've been waiting 3 hours for it"

"I don't do my emails until the evening..."  now I'm starting to get angry.....

"FFS! OK which are the files?"

"Dunno, haven't looked yet"

Now I have to tell him what I think of him and his company....he's full of apologies....It's another hour now....still haven't got the email yet. I give up. The trouble is I want these prints ASAP so can't tell him to shove it and start again. I know one thing though. If/when my prints finally arrive I won't be paying the invoice until the last possible day.....and I guess I'll be looking for a different print company for future orders.

Is It Me?????


AffordableBritishArt said...

No isn't you....I've also noticed a considerable lack of customer care from quite a few places....dont know whether people are just demoralised because of the economy (although you'd think it would have the opposite effect).
Sometimes I just despair when trying to get anything done...thats why I try so hard with the support for the ABA artists.....and I bet thats why you also try so hard to please your clients. someone famous once said - you cant please all the people all the time....
Keep your chin's only because OUR standards are so high that it's painfully obvious to us when we come across low standards.
Ros xxx

Andrea Farmer said...

Nope, not you, just another example of the poor service and incompetence we sometimes have to deal with in this country. Hope you get it sorted soon. :)

Tracy Hall said...

I'm so sorry to hear this Peter - and all your other recent woes! I've used this company for years to do my greeting cards and they have always been absolutely spot on to deal with, never a problem. I really hope you can get it sorted out quickly.