Sunday, 3 July 2011

New Website........... Mighty Fine Art Prints

Well, I think I am finally there.I've been busy over the last few days putting together a new website called Mighty Fine Art Prints. I have created this solely to display and sell my Giclée prints as I now have quite a large range and it was becoming rather complicated to display them alongside my original work on my main website at Mighty Fine Art. Both sites link to each other from the menu on their 'Welcome' pages.

I have several new images in print now which have been uploaded. I still have more to add plus a few things to tinker with but I'd appreciate any feed back anyone can give me regarding the look of the site, the ease of navigating it etc.

My next job will be to remove the prints pages completely from my main website and I will be giving that one a bit of a face-lift too.

By the way, I'm (obviously) no expert with website building so I have used a company called Webeden to host my sites. Their simple to use software means you can adapt their wide choice of basic templates to create a website to suit your purposes. Prices are pretty reasonable I think, starting with a free option to get you started. I used that until I got my head around the tools and then upgraded. I can have up to 5 sites on the account I have chosen.

Hmmmmm. what's next................

Jenny thinks I'm a computer wizard doing all this computer malarky, I wish!

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sue said...

You've been busy Peter.
The new site looks really good and is easy to navigate. The only thing I found that didn't work for me was the 'click to enlarge' on 3 pictures:

On the Beach
Blowing in the Wind
Happy Landings

which will probably be easily remedied.