Monday, 22 August 2011

Celebrate Kenya Weekend

Well it was a very successful if tiring event over at Theberton last weekend. I was able to set up my display on Friday afternoon so arrived with van packed ready for action. The staff at Wild About Birds had already had a busy day and were still sorting out the space to make room for the weekends event. So I piled in too and spent the first half hour or so lugging big sacks of animal feed out to the back store.

A local lady meanwhile arrived with her collection of artifacts for a table display placed in close proximity to where I was to put some of my display stands. We put up a few fabrics and things to decorate the space and I promptly managed to knock down one of the wooden carvings which thumped down on the floor with such a bang, my heart was in my mouth as I scrambled to pick it up, the lady had a look of horror on her face. Thankfully no damage done.

This was the object of concern, very old, very beautiful, thankfully very robust.

There were some other very tactile and interesting things to see in her collection, like this Katamega promise pot, where you whisper your promises through the various holes. I promised to not knock the bugger off the table and kept out of the way.

I finished tinkering with my display Saturday morning, difficult to photograph as everything was quite close together, but I think it was quite an attractive display. I had brought along most of my African wildlife based drawings and paintings with a selection of prints too.

The hoards arrived early on, it was quite manic at times, much spiel was given, many sales were made, there was a huge amount of interest in the jewelry, beadwork, fabrics and clothing on display and for sale. Thankfully my artwork went down well too.
The morning flew by, then came lunchtime and a Kenyan food tasting. Very nice. There were dozens of different dishes to try, the only thing I recognised was the pilau but I tried them all (would have been rude not to) 
Special guest GladysKaburaMwangi (try saying that with your mouth full) had worked so hard getting it all together, as well as talking to the visitors, talking about the Swahili language, explaining about the Fair Trade projects and giving information about the villages and projects she is involved in. She was a real Trojan and by the end of it all was exhausted, bless her. Here she is on the point of collapse toward the end of the day.

We had quite an interesting chat about some future joint projects, so a good contact and new friend has been made there.

Far too tired to pack up at the end of the day we just left it all there and I returned on the Sunday to spend a slightly more relaxed day. A lot of people wandered in who had missed the event so it worked out well.

Soon there will be a dedicated building for the project and I will have a permanent display of my stuff in there, we'll also be doing another similar weekend towards Christmas.

Great fun this art malarkey, I find myself involved in things and with people I wouldn't have dreamed of a few years ago.

Just off out now to pick up my daughter and grandsons who are staying with us for the next 10 days or so. Won't be doing much work (although I have another craft fair in Southwold next weekend to do)


Aitch said...

Excellent blog post Peter, and as I've already said, of particular interest to me, having lived in Kenya for a short time years ago. I look forward to hearing more of this news.

stonecrestcollectibles said...

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