Tuesday, 30 August 2011

How We Laughed......

I've been far too busy lately to achieve much work, let alone go online much. On the Monday after the All About Kenya weekend (blogged about earlier), my daughter and 2 grandsons arrived for a Summer break.

They got a coach from their home in Hertfordshire which dropped them off in Southwold and it's there that we met up. After a longish coach journey young George had puked up just before arrival. “I did make it to the bog Granddad” were his first words to me. We thought it a good idea to take a walk to the end of the pier to get some air before setting off for home.

There is a great water clock on the pier which strikes and performs on the half hour. 

It was about midday as we walked past it, much to the boys amusement as the metal people dropped their pants and watered the tulips. How we laughed!

 ….and so it continued throughout the week, often down to young Leon (the Dalador) It's like an excerpt from 'Marley and Me' sometimes. About mid-week on the beach I was mucking about with the kids in the surf when he wandered off without me noticing. I spotted him, sopping wet, approaching a sleeping fat woman on a deck chair. Before I could react he plonked his cold, wet head on her lap. She screamed, the deck chair tipped back, her husband leapt up and tried to shoo him away. As I got there the bloke started having a go at me, much finger wagging and poking. I don't like being poked much, things were getting heated. Then as if to give his verdict on the situation Leon cocked his leg up and pee'd on their beach bag, then walked nonchalantly back to our place. The bloke now turned purple, I thought he was going to take a swing at me. The kids were in hysterics! 

How we laughed!

We took a trip out to Framlingham castle. It's funny but having lived here in East Suffolk for 6 years now, I haven't been before so I enjoyed it as much as the boys. It was an overcast day so not ideal for photographs but I got a few.

By Friday Jenny needed a day off so stayed at home as Lorna, the boys and I went out to Sutton Hoo, again a place I hadn't visited before. It's a brilliant place, a Saxon burial ground discovered and excavated from about 1939. There is a very well presented exhibition of the artefacts and a replica of the boat burial and entombment of Raedwald, king of the East Angles 560-580 ish.

The bit I liked best though was out around the burial mounds, some of which are yet to be excavated. The area looks down the valley to the River Deben with Woodbridge in the distance. Despite being surrounded by people and the guide giving us the story, I was struck by a real sense of the spiritual history of the place, I got a real chill down my spine from just being there once my imagination got started. It must be my Pagan ancestry coming through.

Once I got home I came across this poem by Roland Mann on the Sutton Hoo Society website which really summed up my feelings.


Beneath a crescent moon I stood
Upon a meadow damp with dew
Beside the fluttering tree branched wood -
The roots run deep at Sutton Hoo.
I saw, or so it seemed to me
A solemn march of ancient ones
Across a field of time gone by
A sleeping king, a monarch gone
An oaken ship, a chanting throng
With steady pace they made their way
In twilight sorrow and dismay
A song to those who passed before
A song for those who've passed the door
A song for those who leave behind
A journey and a path to find
For in their gift of life they send
Our searching souls into this land
For none are born save those who seek
The darkness of this human sleep
In pain and grief we stand and stare
And learn our joy in deep despair
And do our will and raise our clan
To swell the dawning light of man
Beneath this spangled ocean sky
Tonight - we honour those who die
The vision fades, the seen unseen
The door is closed, the air is keen
But dimly through the fading trance
The tear-stained branches swing and dance -
The ghostly line is hid from view
But roots run deep at Sutton Hoo.
Roland Man
That's a cracker isn't it? I wish I'd written it myself.

Saturday morning it was up at the crack of dawn and off to set up a small display for the 3 day Southwold craft fair. I do this one regularly and it's always great fun, this one being over the Bank Holiday weekend was the busiest I've ever done. All of us regular stall holders know each other well so we have a good laugh. My friend Phil always brings along his two massive Leonbergers who sit quietly in the corner people watching all day long.

This is Lexi.

Weighing in at about 9 stone each they are quite an attraction. I shudder to think what a different scene it would be if I brought along my two hooligans.....

It was the most successful craft fair I've ever done in terms of sales, I don't usually expect to sell a great deal and treat it more as a self-publicity exercise but this weekend they were like bees around the honey pot. I sold two original paintings and countless cards and prints. I didn't stop talking to interested visitors right through and got through about 150 business cards....excellent!

Here is Leon with Charlie. Still a puppy, I wonder when he'll stop growing. (Leon that is)

Today it's Tuesday and the last day of the boys and Lorna's stay with us. We've spent it mostly on the beach but had to come away a bit earlier than planned due to Murphy getting in a fight with a Retriever and sustaining a bit of a gash under his eye. Nothing serious but annoying. I had him and Leon on a leash at the time when this old dog ran over and leapt on Leon. Murphy won't tolerate strange dogs invading our space which is why I keep him on a leash when they are about, so he piled in and a scrap ensued. Handbags at dawn really but I think he got a claw in the face, just under his eye. So he is sitting here now looking very sorry for himself.

Still, fish'n chips for tea! I'll give him a bit of fish to cheer him up, poor wounded soldier.

I'll be glad when the school holidays are finished and most of the tourists go away leaving this part of the world empty and quiet again. My favourite time of the year when it's still warm but the beaches are deserted and I can let the dogs run free, walking miles without seeing another soul.....but I'll be thinking about the laughs we had this Summer.

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Carolann said...

I so enjoyed your post, especially about the episode with the 'fat lady'. I could just picture it as we have had many a laugh with our GSD on the beach as she loves to swim in the sea. Like you I miss the space on the beach out of season, I prefer pretty much anywhere, any place, out of season. Pleased you had such a great time with your grandchildren and have lots of happy memories.