Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Common Ground - complete (I think)

I'm pleased to say my hand/wrist problems eased very quickly and today I was able to put in a full day of drawing, resulting in me getting this finished much quicker than I expected.
This measures 14 x 21 inches done on a sheet of Arches Aquarelle watercolour paper using a set of Lyra pencils, grades from 2H through to 2B wth a few touches of 4B on the darkest areas. I've not used the watercolour paper before for pencil work but having run out of my usual Stonehenge paper I though I'd give it a try, especially as I bought a 'job lot' of the Arches a while back and so have plenty. I enjoyed using it actually, even though I had to adapt my method slightly to cope with the extra texture.

I'm fairly pleased how it turned out, a slightly surreal composition which I like to think hints at the problems in common which the wildlife and people of Africa both face. ie. having to live together in a fast shrinking environment putting both in danger of being wiped out.

I'm not putting this one up for sale just yet as I may save it for my 2012 DSWF exhibition entry, depending what else I have available nearer the deadline for entries.

So recently I've done a wolf with a tortoise and now a cheetah with a child. Next I'm thinking of doing Peter Crouch with a giraffe.

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Lisa O'Regan said...

It's beautiful, Peter.