Friday, 23 September 2011

Common Ground

I've been working on this pencil drawing this week. It's on a sheet of Aquarelle watercolour paper so about 14 x 21 inches in size. I don't usually draw on this paper but have run out of Stonehenge so thought I'd give it a try.
This is a bit of a dodgy photograph but it's actually going quite well, despite requiring a slightly different approach than my normal. I'm using much harder pencils to get a similar depth of tone, but having to work them quite hard to smooth the textured surface for the finer details. My wrist has been giving me a lot of trouble lately (along with everything else) due to my rheumatoid arthritis so having to work in short sessions. I reckon at least another weeks work yet.

I'm thinking of calling this one 'Common Ground' but that might change if I think of something better. If it works out it may be one of my entries into the 2012 DSWF exhibition.

My idea came from looking at the spectacular if slightly eerie photography of Gregory Colbert who uses wildlife coupled with indigenous people as models to create very atmospheric scenes which can be interpreted by the viewer in many ways.

I managed to find some suitable reference photographs, the main one I'm using for the cheetah came from Cathy Sheeter's collection in the Wet Canvas reference library. The little boy, well he doesn't exist but I got some ideas from looking at photographs of Himba children, then used my imagination. I'm still working on all areas of this piece including the sky and still haven't decided on how to finish the foreground, perhaps some grasses. I can't really complete the shadows cast by the cheetah onto the fabric until I have the cheetah more or less finished.

Watch this space.

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Brenda Hill said...

Yes it works, I like it