Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Heat Of The Night

 This week I've been creating another African scene in the form of a male and female lion snarling at one another. This drawing is 16 x 11 inches on Bristol board and based on a reference photo taken by Billy Dodson of Savanna Images.

Billy tells us that mating lions will copulate every few minutes around the clock ... sometimes for four or five days. The post coital snarl is captured here ... which happens when the male dismounts. I think it's the equivalent of the human 'happy face'

 Below are a few 'in progress' images as this drawing took shape.
 I used a new set of Lyra pencils for this one, as opposed to my usual Faber Castell. I found them to be a little softer and therefore darker than their equivalent grades in the Faber Castell range, but liked them a lot.

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Aitch said...

That's another winner in my eyes, Peter!