Friday, 30 September 2011


I'm working away on this for this week. I had hoped to complete it by this weekend in time for a show I'm doing in Woodbridge but not enough time. It's from a photo from the Paint My Photo website. I'm using pencils on an A3 sheet of Bristol board for this.

Someone mentioned Paul Lung recently, well I'm attempting to do something similar to his cat portraits. (well we can all dream.......)

At this first photo I'm about 4 hours into it.

About another hour.....he has an eye!

...and finally after about 6 hours I have reached this stage. That will be it until perhaps Sunday or Monday as I'm out and about all weekend.


sue said...

I love seeing how other people work ... I always have to put the eyes in first - then go back to work on the rest!!

Its going to be a beautiful cat I think

Peter Williams said...

I think most people do Sue. However I find I need to get at least some of the face done in order to make sure I get the positioning and tones just right. I've made enough squinty eyed creatures in my time!