Thursday, 13 October 2011

On My Drawing Board a red deer in pastel

This last couple of days I've had my pastel pencils out. With yet another fantastic reference photograph from the Paint My Photo website I'm tackling this Red Deer.

I haven't done anything in pure pastel for ages, probably at least a year but unearthed my collection of various packs of paper this week so decided it was about time. I'm using Pitt pastel pencils on a 20 x 14 inches sheet of white Ingres Fabriano paper. I will be using my soft pastels for some of the background and for finishing highlights on the stag too.

This is a quick photo taken at night under electric lighting so not a very good representation but as the paper is taped down to my drawing board I can't scan it yet.

I think it's going well and although extremely time consuming, I'm enjoying the change of medium. There will be a lot of complex reflections on the water to complete and at this point I'm thinking of going for a mistybackground.

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Ingrid Ormestad said...

I keep coming back to this beauty Peter. I know you binned the painting but I really think this (as it stands) would make a beautiful print. It would also make super cards, and I for one would buy them for the male members of the family. (Cards for men in the shops are rubbish). Recently at the 'Open Studios' I paid £12 for six cards, which I thought was fair. They wouldn't stand a chance next to this. I often stop at Dalwhinnie and take pics of the deer on the hills, this painting reminds me of them ... the starkness of the background, the majestic stance. You have a winner here Peter! That's my tuppence worth ... :)