Wednesday, 19 October 2011

A Quick Heads Up.... for fellow UK crafters

If you log on to Photobox and open an account, at the moment they are giving 50 free photo prints as a joining gift. This is my second batch. What I do is get 50 copies of various paintings/drawings of mine. (I just got 2 of each of 25 pictures) then I mount them in a little mount using up all the off-cuts from my picture framing, with a backing card. Then I put them in a nice A4 cello-bag and sell them at craft fairs for £5 each. They go like hot cakes! All they cost me was the £1:40 postage and a bit of time.
This always at the very least covers my pitch fee plus beer money. Add a business card in the back of each and it's a good marketing tool too.


sue said...

Thanks for the heads up Peter. I'm on hols till Monday 24th and internet connection not good here.

I tried to look at site but kept crashing out. But if I read it correctly you can send me an invite and I'll get the freebies ... and you will also get credits/freebies once I spend a penny (pardon the pun). If that's right - pls send me an invite and we'll both benefit??

Andrea Farmer said...

Ooooh, that sounds ace! Thanks Peter. I'd like an invite too if that is how it works. :)

Chrissy said...

Hi Peter, thanks for that. It sounds like a great idea. I love their photo books too and haven't tried out the service yet so will go and have a good look around :-) And, if Sue is right, you can do the same for me....if you have got my email, message me on Paint my Photo or Facebook

Jennifer Rose said...

thanks for the link :D very helpful and really can't go wrong with free :p