Sunday, 2 October 2011

A Quiet Autumnal Stroll With The Dogs

It's October right??? Well, I usually love this time of year here on the Suffolk coast. Kids are back at school after the holidays so visitors are few and far between. The weather can be pleasant yet bracing, the sea a bit lively, ideal for long walks, beach combing, bird watching....a bit of photography maybe.....WTF!!!

I've just got in from my walk with the dogs. I realised it might be a bit busy down at the main beach so drove into the woods about half way between Sizewell and Thorpeness where there is a place to park under the trees and a quiet track down to a usually deserted stretch. WRONG! Not a square inch remained free in the woods. Cars, camper charging about....bedlam. I turned around and sadly drove off. It appears my secret little place has become common knowledge. Bugger it! so I decided to see if I could park at Sizewell proper. WRONG! It was like Woodstock 1969 down there. Not a parking space anywhere, not on the grass, the car park....nowhere. Bugger!
 (this is not Sizewell, but you get the idea)
Sadly I turned around again but my luck was in as someone pulled away from the side of the road back near the pub and I slotted in. Not wanting to have to walk through all of the crowds towards the beach I headed for a style over a little brook which leads into a big field where I could make my way across and out onto the beach and head away toward Minsmere. WRONG! Murphy has been that way before, no problem. He hopped over, I hopped over....Leon decided nope!....not doing that! looks far too complicated. So as I went forward, he went backward, slipped out of his harness and away. Now, he's not as naughty as he used to be so didn't run off but sat down and refused to budge. No amount of pleading was going to move him. Nope! Not moving. People in the pub garden were giggling at us as I had to physically pick him up and carry him over the style, put him back on his leash and thankfully, slightly red faced we were on our way again at last.

Emerging onto the beach we quickly made our way along and away from the crowds where I could then safely let Leon go, where he wouldn't get up to any mischief....WRONG! As he loped into the sand dunes there was a piercing shriek and a semi naked girl leapt up from where she had been enjoying a bit of topless sun-bathing. Spotting me she grabbed a towel to cover her embarassment. WRONG! That's Leons favourite game that is.... Tug O' War.... whether it be with a rope or towel, makes no diffference. Great fun. I managed to wrestle him away, made my apologies and sheepishly we walked off again.

I was getting hot and bothered. I know I'll get them in the water to cool off and once we get a game going they'll not bother anyone else I thought to myself. Now where's that Murphy got to..... he's up ahead and he's eating something. Is it a dead fish? maybe a rotting seagull carcass? I know he's partial to the occasional starfish or two. Nope!....It's a pork pie. The little rascals, I swear they're working together as a team ..... Leon starts a diversion and Murphy darts in to plunder the victim's beach bag while they are distracted. It crossed my mind to offer back the remains of the pie.... Nah! not. 

I've had an idea though. Perhaps I'll get murphy's fur done like this. It wouldn't take much and it might solve all our problems.

Well they had their swim, even I had a paddle. I can't believe this weather. Roll on Winter that's all I can say.


Brenda Hill said...


sue said...

Yep ... know just what you mean. We haven't benefitted from this Indian Summer as we live on the Kent Coast and haven't a hope in hell of enjoying any of the attractions of Whitstable.

But I much prefer the place when the Summer Tourists and luvvies have gone home - our shops and restaurants earn enough through the Summer months to keep them afloat in the Winter.

Whitstable won the title of Most Diverse Shopping Street in England earlier this year - and that is largely due to the income from DFLs (Down From London's) who spend so much money in the Summer months!!!!

Anyway, I'm flying off to the Canaries tomorrow so what do I care ???? :-)

Aitch said...

Ha ha! I'd have liked to have seen you trying to prise the towel away from Leon in order to give the topless sunbather her dignity back!

Julia Ruffles | fine artist said...

Haha :D how funny! My Max loves a good towel fight after his wash- he's also a big boy!(rhod ridgeback type) i love reading your dog tales Peter :) especially when being mischievous!! Your kitty drawing is fab so sad but you'll do great justice I'm sure of it, enjoy the sunshine! Jules