Thursday, 3 November 2011

Elusive Spirit

 Well this week I got my pencil out again! This is the state of progress so far after about 12 hours, bearing in mind I spoiled my first attempt early on's about 22 inches x 11 inches on Stonehenge paper.

A little while ago I was searching for a big cat reference photograph to use in my 'Common Ground' drawing, completed a few weeks ago. My good friend, top photographer and fellow member of Paint My Photo Nigel sent me this fabulous leopard photograph and, although I didn't use it at the time for the piece I was working on, I knew I would make good use of it sooner rather than later.
I'm probably not going to have him laying in those grasses but I'm thinking of having him on a tree branch with a little foliage against the sky which I think will work better in pencil....we'll see.