Friday, 18 November 2011

 How lucky am I to 'meet' such lovely people. A lady from way up in Scotland recently bought one of my smaller watercolours as it reminded her of her late father. Since then we have communicated quite a bit and I have been so pleased to hear how it has helped her to find a little peace with his passing. 

Recently, as a thankyou she surprised us with these charming watercolours of young Leon. Although my house is stuffed to the rafters with my own art work I managed to find a little space to hang each of them.

Here they are mounted, framed and hung in our bedrooms. Sometimes the sentiment and reason for creating a painting is as important as the painting itself and I think it shines through with these. Thank you Ingrid, they will be cherished.


Paula said...

What a lovely thoughtful gift :)

AffordableBritishArt said...

What a lovely story Peter, it just goes to show that real art is worth MORE than just money.