Thursday, 1 December 2011

Parisienne Walkway

I needed a rest from my pencil work and in particular the wildlife. Coupled with some recent pet portrait commissions I'm all 'furred' out! So having selected yet another fabulous reference photograph from the Paint My Photo reference library yesterday I embarked on this street scene. This is watercolour, about 21 x 14 inches on Arches Aquarelle. I always enjoy painting people and was tempted to go straight in to painting the figure but managed to remain sensible and have spent the first couple of sessions on the background which is loosely painted but with several layers which have successfully given a nice depth and texture. The cat in the window was a bit of an after thought as there was too much of a split right down the middle of the composition.
You might not be able to quite make it out but this is a street musician, an elderly man with a particularly cheeky face, sat on a box and playing an accordian. Today I manged to get a start made on the character's face. These (as ever) are pretty ropey photographs taken under artificial light.

At this point I had to stop as I'm doing a craft fair in Southwold this weekend and needed to start getting stuff ready. So there won't be any further progress until next week.


sue said...

see you obviously weren't totally 'furred out' or you'd have painted a flower pot or something :-)

Great work as always and look forward to seeing more when you're back next week. Good luck with sales

Paula said...

I'm going to love this Peter! The cat is great! :)

Aitch said...

I'm loving this so far, Peter - especially love the texture in the background, it's ace!