Friday, 2 December 2011

People Watching.....

Well, a pretty rubbish day at the craft fair in Southwold today, not a lot of foot fall at all.  It was the switching on of the Christmas lights so we did an afternoon and evening for a change. The lights were switched on by mega star of screen and cinema James Bolam. He buggered off pretty sharpish though (chilly on the East coast today) and not many bothered to call in afterwards.

Quite a lot of well known people live in or visit Southwold. In the past we've had fleeting visits at the craft fair from the likes of Bill Nighy, Bernard Hill and even the lovely Twiggy. 

 This afternoon my day was enlightened (slightly) when actress Juliet Stevenson came in. A charming lady, didn't buy anything from me mind.

She was looking interested but I think she might have been put off slightly when my friend Wendy on the next table, thinking to herself that she knew that face from somewhere, asked her if she was one of the mums from her Girl Guide group.

"No" said Juliet, in a very posh voice and moved on.

Ah well, there is always tomorrow.


Janet Pantry said...

Hello Peter, just discovered your blog ~ really like your art.

Your post made me laugh. Last time I went to Southwold, I couldn't stop my friend stalking Geoffrey Palmer, the actor! The poor chap was there with his family trying to have a quiet day out but my friend kept chasing him with her camera! Serves him right for having a beach hut there ~ jammy! :)

sue said...

I'm afraid I'd have put my foot in it like your friend Wendy ... I'm hopeless with faces/names/celebs :-)