Monday, 12 December 2011

Streets Of London complete

I decided to go ahead and put in the dog which I think completes the composition nicely. I used my little rascal Leon for reference and managed to get a bit of a sympathetic look on him (whereas in real life he probably would have been the cause of the poor old gent dropping all of his fruit). This is about 14 x 12 inches, watercolour on Arches Aquarelle paper.

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sue said...

Do you know I was going to comment on this earlier today (but got sidetracked). I couldn't envisage what a dog would add to the scene and thought it would detract from the old man.

How wrong can you be - I love the expression on Leon's face (even if its drawn from imagination) and it all works beautifully.

Great painting ... and I hope Leon got a decent modelling fee!