Friday, 6 January 2012

'Forever Young' completed!

Here he is finished. This one went surprisingly well for me. Usually there is always an area with which I've struggled a bit or had to correct, but this time each session I spent on it went according to plan and I finished it after a total of about 16 hours.

I think my drawings are gradually becoming more like paintings in graphite nowadays. I am happy with the style which has developed whereby I lightly lay down some graphite and then work it up with tortillons or cloth before finishing the detail with sharp pencils. Most of this was completed with a 2B or B pencil with the extreme darks being 4B

I'm not putting this one up for sale just yet (unless I am made an offer I can't refuse) but will enter this into the DSWF wildlife artist of the year 2012.Well, you never know and it's a cause that I'm keen on so don't mind paying the entry fee.

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Ingrid Ormestad said...

Hi Pete, when I came on here earlier I was surprised to see no one had commented ..... after wandering back and forth for the past couple of hours I am not at all surprised no one has commented ... like me, they are probably lost for words! 'awesome' just doesn't cover it!