Thursday, 5 January 2012

'Forever Young' in progress

This week I've been engrossed in another wildlife drawing,using pencil on Stonehenge paper. It's still in progress but I hope to complete it tomorrow or on Saturday at the latest. Then, if I think it worthy I may submit it to the DSWF wildlife artist of the year 2012. Submissions close on the 15th so will just about squeeze it in to go alongside the one I've already submitted.
 Here we are after day 1 and about 5 hours work. I'm using a reference photo I found on Wetcanvas.
 Above you can see it's about 24 x 18 inches but I'll probably cropit a bit once complete.
 After day 2 and a further 6 hours it's coming along nicely I think.

 Above is the position I'm in today after a further 4 hours or so.

As usual my photographs are pathetic, it's so dark lately and there's no chance of photographing outdoors in the weather we've had this week. So it's a matter of taking a quick snap under artificial light. I thought I'd post them anyway to give some idea what I'm up to. I'll get a decent scan done once complete and post it here. (I can't scan 'in progress' without untaping it each time from my drawing board)

Regarding the weather, I got blown right off my feet on the beach earlier today. Talk about windy! I hobbled down to the sea from the car park before letting Leon go for a run about. As soon as he was off the lead he ran straight back to the van. Not daft that boy. So I had to climb back up the shingle bank to go get him and got hit by a massive gust that blew me right over on my back! Murphy seems to enjoy extreme weather though, just looked at me as if to say 'Wimp' and then wandered off for a paddle.

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Ingrid Ormestad said...

" it's coming along nicely I think" ... eh?? I would be doing cartwheels if I had produced this gorgeous wee chap!
Seriously Pete, it's great you take the time to do a WIP. We can all look at a piece of artwork and admire it, but it isn't until we see a WIP that it comes home just how much work has gone into the piece. Somehow it makes the end result mean more.