Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Another Day In My Life.

About this time of year I always seem to have amassed a large stock of flour, eggs and milk. There are a few manky lemons hanging around too. Does anyone have any ideas what I could do with it all?

Well today I became a victim of yet another cold caller. I wish they'd leave me alone....I ended up buying two colds and an Asian flu. When will I ever learn?! I wish there was some sort of revenge we could inflict on these people, why don't the Co-op stock live chickens any more? Doing decent voodoo rituals is nigh on impossible these days.
Meanwhile, I haven't produced a great deal of new work lately. That doesn't mean I haven't been busy though. I've been getting ready for the Spring/Summer season when I start exhibiting at shows and craft fairs locally. To this end I've had quite a few new prints done which of course need to be mounted and wrapped ready for sale. I thought I'd try a few printed on canvas too this year (they haven't arrived yet) and see how they go. So I've spent far too much time in my shed lately.

Another thing I have on the go is a publishing opportunity, which I won't go into with any detail yet in case it all comes to nothing, but it has meant preparing dozens of images to send in for sampling before the next step. Today I was asked to send in a short biography and also had the dreaded request for a photograph of myself to go with it. I realise this is necessary for the project but it fills me with dread.  I spend very little time looking in the mirror nowadays, I hate the fact that I'm getting old. It's always an unkempt, longish haired and scruffy version of my father just before he died that is peering back at me nowadays, rather than the handsome young stud I expect to see.
So this morning after breakfast (by the way bakers and toaster makers, why don't you get together and decide what bloody size a slice of bread should be and stick to it!) I 'wasted' a couple of precious hours in my studio trying to get a presentable portrait of myself which I won't be too embarrassed about when I see it in the shops. Thank God for photoshop! People are going to be quite surprised how much I'm beginning to look like George Clooney in my old age, but so be it.

With that ordeal over and feeling a little down in the dumps I went for my walk with the dogs a bit early today, to cheer myself up a bit. One of my favourite walks takes me along the beach to Thorpeness before going inland and along the hedgerows through some farmland before entering a conservation area and visiting the wild ponies that graze on the heath there. I haven't been able to do this walk for quite some time due to a dodgy leg but, as it's a lot better now I thought I'd give it a go.

I was deep in thought as I walked through the farmland and hadn't noticed that both dogs had disappeared from view, not really a problem but I do like to keep them in sight. I could hear some sort of pandemonium going on ahead somewhere so I called out. A moment later little Leon came trotting back, looking over his shoulder, but no sign of Murphy. I carried on a bit, looking for him. As I turned a corner of the track I was a little surprised to see a large field of pigs that hadn't been there last time I walked this way. There in the middle of the field was Murphy, trying to get friendly with a massive sow who was having none of it. Each time he approached her she squealed at him and backed off, others surrounded him from behind and he was getting further and further away. I called him back and thankfully he'd realised his new love wasn't going to put out, so he trotted back over to me.

It was then I realised it was an electric fence he'd gone through. I reckon he must have jumped it on the way in but now, every time he tried to get through the wire he got a belt. What to do! I tried widening the gap with a stick but only managed to get electrocuted myself a few times. Bugger! I hate electric shocks. Eventually he took a run up and sailed back over easily, but by that time we looked like Dennis The Menace and Gnasher.

Back home and back to the shed. I really must get all these jobs finished, settle down and get some painting done sometime.


Lorna Soar said...

These blogs always make me laugh :o) Hope Murphy has learnt his lesson LoL

Diane said...

I love your blog-creases me every time!

sue said...

To add to your increasing list of 'things to do in the shed' perhaps you should consider writing/illustrating a book about Murphy's exploits (adult content of course) :-)

Aitch said...

Very funny! Can't beleive you don't see that young stud in the mirror any more - you must be using the wrong mirror, eh? ;)