Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Matriarch Complete!

As hoped, here is the finished drawing today. 16 x 11 inches pencil on Bristol board based on a reference photograph from the Paint My Photo website.


sue said...

Beautiful work as usual Peter.

Sorry been away for a few weeks and since getting home have struggled with an old laptop as my computer is back in the workshop for second time in a month! Just catching up now.

Do you use loose graphite for your backgrounds or do you work them up with pencil? Very effective anyway.

Peter Williams said...

Hi Sue, thanks for the comment. I do use a bit of graphite dust for the background, worked in with a bit of old cloth. After a few months of use the cloth becomes nicely saturated and quite delicate effects can be achieved. I do use the pencils on it too, to get it exactly how I want.