Monday, 6 February 2012

Matriarch stage 3

The progression slowly continues. I'm hoping to complete this tomorrow.

At this point I've scanned you can see almost the complete process of my 'fur technique'. Starting with some graphite lightly washed over the area of the neck with a piece of cloth. I have a little pot of graphite powder for this and have a very floppy tortillon made from a piece of rolled up 'J' cloth which I use like a brush in the direction of the fur. Then I lift out a few strokes with my putty rubber. Next I define these with a fairly sharp hard pencil making a fur texture on the paper before working up some deeper tones with a softer pencil to give depth, shadow and highlights. I'm also using my colour shapers for a bit of subtle blending on the fur, just to soften things a little.

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