Sunday, 26 February 2012

My Sunday Rant!

Since getting a computer at home and spending more and more time on it I've found that my handwriting, spelling and grammar, things I used to be quite proud of, have become worse and worse. I just hardly ever actually write anything down anymore and when I do I can hardly read it myself! (Being unmarried, does this make me one of the worlds most illegible bachelors?) I find I keep in touch with friends and family nowadays more and more by email or Facebook. I'd be lost without the PC. 

As far as business goes it's totally essential, no doubt about it. I spend hours every day promoting my website, finding opportunities, building up a following, writing daft blogs (like this one), shouting out to people that I'm here! Come and look what I've got! and thankfully it works..... I'm dead pleased I get to do for a living something I enjoy immensely, and work from home without having to suffer the rat-race any more. I do what I like, when I like and just by knowing my way around a pencil or brush to an acceptable level, I make a modest living from it.

Now I like a good 'Victor Meldrew' type of moan. I do it for fun, I'm quite well known for it. I love expressing my humour on my Facebook pages or here on my blog, and reading others. If people don't like my slant on life they can unfollow me, I don't really care. However it seems like every time I log into Facebook I am confronted by page after page of real boring negative stuff. Whenever Facebook makes changes, even very minor ones, people get all uptight and pee'd off about it and moan and moan away for weeks. Ooooh! The new Timeline.....sob! sob! What I say is, if you don’t like Facebook then don’t bloody use it! No one is forcing anyone to use Facebook, yet every person I see complaining about Facebook is still a member of Facebook! 

There are bell-ends who moan about the lack of privacy .....if it's that private DON'T PUT IT ON FB! Oh the drama queens.... if your heart has been broken, go buy a cat and some chocolate. Don't bore me with it as I'm only going to laugh at you. Personally, when I feel down I just go and drink some fabric conditioner...... it's always been a great Comfort to me.

So if you're suffering with PMT...don't have a go at me. You're ovary acting!

I imagine the little hurt and hard done-by faces of people as they complain that their images are being 'used' without permission. Oh come wanted as many people as possible to see them really didn't you? If not DON'T UPLOAD THEM THEN!

We don't own Facebook, we don't have to pay to use it. Bloody hell.... get over it! the end of the day it’s just Facebook. Every moment you spend complaining about Facebook is a moment you could be spending on things that are more important, like building your business in ways where you actually control the content.
On your own blog or website, you get to control everything. Facebook is just a tool to help you, a distraction  and a bit of fun.
I know plenty of people who don’t use Facebook and they haven’t died. (actually some have but I'm sure it was unrelated)



sue said...

I escaped FB and lived to tell the tale ... although they do send me emails periodically trying to get me back in the fold :-)

There are a lot of people complaining about Blogger/Google at the moment but I love it - for the very reasons you listed ... I'm in control (well I think I am) :-)

Paula said...

Lots of people just don't like change :/ I love things changing and evolving, making new discoveries (and new cock ups! ) If Facebook stopped existing all those moaners would miss it as they once again would be back in their lonely little worlds :/ I spent part of my life in that world, wish it had been around then! Now we can all interact,learn and laugh together :))) Have a good day Peter :)PS...this damn code thing on comments drives me mad!! ;)

Anonymous said...

well said.
Love your work,and your humor.
regards from the u.k.