Sunday, 4 March 2012

Darkened Soul

A wet and miserable Sunday, it's rained all day, gave me the opportunity to spend all day finishing this drawing. It's about 21 x 15 inches, on Stonehenge paper based on a reference photograph from the Paint My Photo website. The reference actually was just a head and shoulders portrait so I had to invent the back half of the dog and finished with a nice dramatic sky effect which I always enjoy creating. The grasses seemed to give me the most trouble and I'm still not 100% happy with them but overall I think this is a successful picture.

I've wanted to draw or paint one of these dogs for ages but never found the right reference photograph to use until now, so thanks Sarah Stribbling for yet another wonderful photograph and permission to use it. I love these wild dogs and I may be tempted do do some more soon.

I read somewhere that if mankind had never domesticated dogs at all, this is how they would all be. Pure wild and instinctive pack behaviour, incredibly clever and successful hunters and foragers. Sadly a very rare and endangered animal nowadays. Whenever I get the opportunity to watch them (on telly usually) I'm always struck by their behaviour, body language and mannerisms which I can easily associate with the things my own dogs do.

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Canidae Art said...

I love wild dogs, stunning like all of your artwork! :)