Monday, 26 March 2012


Continuing my exploration of the Pastelmat paper, this little portrait (10 x 7 inches) has been created with coloured pencils and pastel pencils.

I began with the eyes using my Prismacolor pencils which went well but as I worked my way out on the rest of the face I had more difficulty. The problem is that the surface of the paper doesn't lend itself to blending with the coloured pencils until you have reached it's full capacity in terms of how many layers it will hold. This was fine with the eyes as I built up several layers but where I wanted to leave some of the paper colour (pale grey) showing through on the face and was therefore working with much lighter strokes, I was left with a very speckled and patchy effect. It took a lot of work to get it looking how I wanted. I wish I'd just used pastel for the whole painting really, but the object was to learn all about the properties of the paper so lesson learned.

The hairy part of the old lady was all done with pastel pencils. Over all I think it's a pretty pleasing result but I reckon I'll stick to pure pastel on this Pastelmat in future.

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