Sunday, 25 March 2012

Time Travelling in Leiston

Some of my online friends may not know, but I've developed the ability to time travel! At the moment I can only go forwards .....quite slowly..... but it's a start, although stepping in to the local Post Office is like being transported back to the 1950's.  Anyway, imagine my surprise this morning when I got up and realised I'd shot forward a whole hour........ without even trying! Amazing.

I went straight out, excited to see what changes might have occurred this far into the future. The first thing I noticed was how tired everyone if they'd all had a late night and been woken up too early. Shame. But at least, in my surge forward into the future, I'd managed to skip the usual Sunday morning cacophony of the church bells.....or so I'd thought. Bang! Crash! BANG! ...the bastards started an hour later today. I just can't win!
To escape the noise I made my way slowly to the local cafe for a bacon sandwich. There are some right clowns in Leiston you know. I ordered my sandwich and the girl behind the counter asked if I'd like it toasted. "Yes please" I replied and immediately everyone in the cafe stood up, held up their mugs of tea and shouted "Here's to Peter's bacon sandwich" and then all sat down again. Cuh! everyone's a comedian nowadays.

Hunger pangs sated, (time travel doesn't appear to halt the metabolism) I drove to the garage where thankfully the deisel price was still only £1.45p a litre, I'd been fearful of a bit of a hike there. I put my usual £35 worth in and as usual the fuel guage needle hardly moved....depressing. It got me thinking back to the days when £1.50 would keep my car going for a week....hmmm perhaps I ought to concentrate on going back in time instead of forward... if I work hard at it I may make some headway perhaps by erm.... the end of October? 

Mind you, I wouldn't want to have to go through again some of the times I've had. The most difficult period of my life was when I was a bus driver in Humberside..... I went to Hull and back.

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