Friday, 30 March 2012

Treasure from Down Under

Well what can I say! Over the years I have made many friends via the internet, most of whom I'm never likely to meet. One such friend, a lovely lady from Australia, is someone I'm often in touch with as we share the same (wicked) sense of humour. Well, during one of our many on-line conversations some time ago I happened to mention Jenny's health problems and how it often gets her down.

Well, today a package arrived and I'm just stunned. One of Robyn's talents is jewelry making and she has spent many, many hours designing and making this breathtakingly beautiful necklace and sent it to cheer Jenny up a bit.

Apart from it being the most generous and kind gesture, it is absolutely gorgeous. Jenny's jaw dropped when she saw it and she absolutely loves it.

Once I'd eventually prized it from her clutches I had a good look at it and I can't believe how skilfully it has been made. I see a lot of hand made jewelry at the many craft fairs I take part in but nothing I have seen is in this league. Each tiny bead has been hand threaded one at a time and must have taken hours and hours of concentration to create. The part where it joins is unbelievably intricate.
 I've tried to photograph it as best I can but my pictures don't really do it justice.
What a treasure to receive. I reckon it'll do really well on Ebay!

(Only kidding, honest Robyn!)

On top of that she also popped in several tubes of Daniel Smith watercolours for me to try out. It's like Christmas here, but without the bloody bells!

We can't thank you enough Robyn.


Julia Ruffles | wildlife artist said...

Ah that is a lovely gesture! Keep hold of that one! Jules

Aitch said...

It's always lovely to hear this sort of news - hope Jenny is feeling much better now, too. What a stunning piece of jewellery, and how kind of Robyn to make it for her.