Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Asian Leopard Cat pastel painting WIP

Firstly, a little information I've been reading. The Asian Leopard Cat is about the same size as our familiar domestic cat, and indeed is often caught and mated with them to produce the popular Bengal cat. Only sold on after the 3rd generation though as it would be too dangerous to keep the first two generations as pets.

The Leopard Cat is distributed widely throughout Asia but is becoming ever more rarely seen as, surprise!! the Chinese have decided to make 'medicine's from it's body parts to sell on their street markets. Also the Japanese have a huge market for the pelts (200,000 skins were imported into Japan in a single year not too long ago) It makes me seethe reading this sort of thing. Ignorant murderous cretins is about as polite as I can be about these people.

So I came across a wonderful reference photograph on the Wetcanvas website to use and decided to make it my next progression in teaching myself pastel painting.

Again for this I am using my trusty set of Faber Castell pastel pencils, my set of Ashby soft pastels and a piece of pale grey Pastelmat, about 16 x 12 inches.
 Above is my entire progress of day one, about 6 hours work. My reference photo, taken in a zoo, has a pale blue sky for background with a few small saplings. I've decided to go for a bit more drama and will make a bit of a feature of the tree trunk the cat is standing on.

Below you can see the two photographs taken after day two. Slow progress but the detail is appearing quite nicely as I go. I'm really enjoying pastel work. I still have a few difficulties achieving the effects I want but I'm learning every day.....if it was easy everyone would be doing it eh?

 I will get a little more done in the morning hopefully, but then I have to pack up my van and get ready to set up my exhibition in Aldeburgh early Thursday morning. I'll be in attendance all week so won't be getting back to this painting until after the exhibition finishes on the 26th April.

I'm tempted to take it in with me as a bit of a demo but, well I'm hopeless if distracted and I don't want to spoil it. Also I'm not sure the pastel dust/mess would go down too well on the gallery's posh carpeting. We'll see...perhaps I'll leave it on an easel and pretend to work on it......

I'll update my blog once I have some more progress to show and hopefully report on a successful exhibition. I doubt the latter though, last year at this venue at about this time of year was a bit of a dead loss and, as this year has been particularly quiet, I'm not expecting too much. Wish me luck....

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Anonymous said...

Interested to know where you get your Ashby pastels. The SAA used to sell them and I have a few, but I notice they've now stopped offering them. None of the main online suppliers seem to have them either. Another company gone bust, maybe?