Sunday, 29 April 2012

Asian Leopard Cat pastel painting WIP part 2

After getting back from my exhibition in Aldeburgh, an enforced break from my studio, I was glad to get back on to this painting. The weather has been so terrible, making it difficult to get out so I've made good progress with this pastel painting and one more good session should finish it I think.
 Above you can see I got the majority of the work completed on the cat himself, I will be going back in at the end to refine and add more detail, but I got to the point of wanting to put in the tree logs and branches to give me more idea of how it's going to end up and to where shadows will be needed.
Here you can see where I got to at the end of today. I'm quite pleased with how the branches have turned out. I didn't want them to dominate the scene too much but at the same time, as they are in the foreground they need to be realistic and detailed.

I'll be finishing them off next, then altering the far background a bit as I'm not too keen on it as it is at the moment, then a final application of shadows and a bit more detailing on the fur should do it.


sue said...

Great work Peter. Looks like you've really taken to the pastelmat then?

Its wet/windy/cold here in Kent as well but I didn't get nearly as much work done as you. I think I've gone into hibernation mode

Canidae Art said...

Oil Pastels or chalk pastels? These are fantastic Peter, how do you get such a level of detail with pastels? I always wish to explore this media further, but it is one of the most difficult in my opinion.

Any tips/tutorials to help out a fellow artist? You can see some examples of my pastel works here:

Peter Williams said...

Thanks for the comments. Canidae Art, I'll take a look later, I'm still teaching myself this medium really, learning as I go. You can see my progress on some previous blogs, my first being the butterfly painting. This one's a mixture of soft pastels (mostly the background and tree branches)and Pitt pastel pencils for the cat and final detail work. On a sheet of pale grey Pastelmat.