Monday, 9 April 2012

Wolf Pastel Painting WIP ~ In Nature's Wake

For this painting I used another reference photograph from the Paint My Photo website, this time by Angeline Rijkeboer which can be seen here.

 I'm painting on a 'Maize' coloured sheet of Pastelmat paper and as you can see above I didn't start photographing it until quite a bit had been completed. To be honest, I didn't think I'd be finishing this one and it so very nearly went in the bin several times before I got to this stage. A very steep learning curve for me but I learned an enormous amount and so decided to continue to the end regardless, and treat it as a good excercise.
 The wolf himself was created using my Pitt pastel pencils and the background using my set of soft pastels. One of the problems I was having was dragging the background pigment into the fur at the edges. Finally I realised that by lightly spraying with fixative, the background wasn't affected too much and then I was able to add another layer of 'fur' over the top. I also wanted a little of the reflected light in the white fur on the right. This took several attempts before I got the effect subtle enough.
 After several sessions of layering like this I began to get the hang of it. The green foliage went on over the top of the dark background really easilly. At this point I started to feel reasonably confident that I'd have a half decent painting at the end of this so started to take a bit more care.
 The foreground blocking in was quick to do before making final adjustments to my wolf and then going over with a final detail layer to finish.
Above is the finished painting. During this one, my old computer decided to pack up for the final time and I've been busy sorting out a new one, then found out that the new one with Windows 7 doesn't support my old scanners. So these photographs are a bit low res. I'll add a decent scan to my web pages once my new scanner arrives.

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