Monday, 30 April 2012

Wild Cat

.....and finally, the finished painting. The Asian Leopard Cat.
16 x 12 inches ~ pastel pencil and soft pastels on Pastelmat.

A little information I've been reading. The Asian Leopard Cat is about the same size as our familiar domestic cat, and indeed is often caught and mated with them to produce the popular Bengal cat. Only sold on after the 3rd generation though as it would be too dangerous to keep the first two generations as pets.

The Leopard Cat is distributed widely throughout Asia but is becoming ever more rarely seen as, surprise!! the Chinese have decided to make 'medicine's from it's body parts to sell on their street markets. Also the Japanese have a huge market for the pelts (200,000 skins were imported into Japan in a single year not too long ago) It makes me seethe reading this sort of thing. Ignorant murderous cretins is about as polite as I can be about these people.

So I came across a wonderful reference photograph on the Wetcanvas website to use and decided to make it my next progression in teaching myself pastel painting.


lia said...

Your hands are blessed! I'm working with pastels as well, I am self taught. I've seen a lot of pastel paintings around the web but nothing like your work!!! Their style, the colors chosen, they have a warm character that attracts an individual like an insect towards light.


With respect

Peter Williams said...

Thank you Lia