Monday, 7 May 2012

Aldeburgh Craft Fair May 2012

I took part in my first craft fair of the season over the weekend at the Jubilee Hall in Aldeburgh. It was good to catch up with several regular fellow 'crafters' who I only ever see at the fairs, as well as meet some new ones. This year this particular craft fair was organised by different people and I wasn't sure how well it might go.

So the weekend began with a very early start on Saturday morning. I had to walk the dogs, get my breakfast and get over to Aldeburgh and set up, the doors opened at 07:30. Parking up I walked past the homeless guy again. "Got any loose change?" he asked..... I jiggled my pocket before replying "No, it's all nice and secure thanks". Well, I wasn't going to let him get the better of me after the sandwich incident in my previous blog.

I was only putting out a small display so setting up didn't take too long. It turned out that they had put me next to the lovely Deirdre who was selling her organic, hand made soaps and lotions. We got on well but I just knew I was going to arrive home in the evenings smelling like a unicorn running through fresh wild flowers.....well that's life I suppose.

We had a good procession of people through all day Saturday. I sold a framed original painting almost straight away which was very encouraging. I don't usually expect to sell the originals at craft fairs. It was my coloured pencil work of a squirrel monkey 'Speak No Evil'.
I also sold several prints and cards so all in all not a bad day.

Sunday morning was even busier in terms of footfall and several more prints and cards went. My good friend Tom had a display of his wood carvings across the hall from me. I (and a good many others) was impressed with some of his new pieces, in particular this chair carved from spalted sycamore. More of a sculpture than a piece of furniture it was the star of the show. A talented man that Tom. I did suggest that if he made a similar one with a large hole in the seat and a bucket underneath, he might get a sale from one of the Aldeburgh 'old money' residents. Always helpful I am.....

Monday was quieter.... in fact so boring I decided to paint Toms nails for something to the afternoon it got even worse so I painted his hammer too. (only kidding....I'm not actually allowed near the hammer)

I did manage to find a book to read. Rubbish it was. I mean, they write 'Dictionary' on the cover but don't define it until they reach the 'D's.....took me three chapters to work out what was bloody going on!

Further entertainment was had by collaring anyone who came in that I vaguely knew and discreetly asking them to go browse the soap table and then thoughtfully ask if she did Swarfega.....such fun.
There are always one or two people from other worlds who come in. One lady spent quite a bit of time looking at a print of my pencil work of Thorpeness windmill and 'House In The Clouds'.

 Sensing the whiff of a potential sale I tried to engage her in conversation.
"You do know the sails have been taken orf it now don't you" she said rather haughtily.
Bloody hell! what did she want me to do, rub 'em out? Actually she did buy a print so I shouldn't grumble.

So a successful weekend financially, even if a bit boring at times. I'm now looking forward to the next one in Southwold in three or four weeks time. Meanwhile I have a rather difficult commission to start this week. I'm dreading it but hopefully, once I get started it will come together.

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sue said...

Pleased to hear your exhibition was successful financially - and you came out smelling of roses (or similar).