Monday, 21 May 2012

Fair Weather Friends

I haven't made many posts of late as I've been quite busy, new work has been sporadic at best. In particular I haven't had my watercolour paints out for what seems ages as my last few offerings were all pastel apart from a couple of pencil commissions. So, having caught up with myself at last it was with a slightly nervous attitude I got out my paints and a frighteningly bright, clean sheet of Arches to begin a new painting. Below is my progress after the first session. I used a photograph from the Paint My Photo website as reference.
A little while ago I was sent a gift from a friend of a few tubes of Daniel Smith watercolours to try out and I must say they are marvellous. I mostly use the SAA own brand paints and have always found them to be satisfactory, plenty of strong pigment and I suppose I've become used to how they react over the years. Although the range of colours is slightly limited, I have supplemented my collection with a few W&N tubes to pad it out a bit but the new DS tubes were a very welcome addition. The golden browns in the background were painted with the DS paints, giving a lovely glow with just the right amount of granulation for a nice texture. The photograph above is a bit rubbish but below is my scan of the completed painting after the second session (about 8 hours in all).
Not too bad considering my long lay off. I find it's so easy to lose the touch without constant practice.

Once completed I uploaded this image to my Facebook page for a bit of feedback and was rather pleased to receive a message from one of my 'friends' asking me to reserve this painting for them. He also enquired about one which has sold, so I may be painting a new version of 'The Streets Of London' for him sometime soon. That's cheered me up a bit after my experience with those damned Chinese buggers from my previous post.

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