Sunday, 27 May 2012

The Flower Girl

I've been wanting to paint figures for quite a while as it's something I enjoy as much as the wildlife, even though they don't seem to sell as quickly. Now that I've caught up with myself regarding commissions and other commitments, I've managed to complete a couple so far. There may be another in the pipeline too, a new version of my 'Streets Of London' painting which one of my customers has asked about.

Meanwhile here is my most recent painting, completed today. It's quite large at 21 x 14 inches. I used watercolour and enhanced with pastel pencils to finish.

I have a few tubes of Daniel Smith watercolours which were given to me as a gift by my good friend Robyn in Australia. I've used them all in this painting along with my usual SAA paints. The DS are superb although I haven't quite gotten used to them yet, I'd like to buy some more if/when I can afford them (they're quite expensive but you get what you pay for I guess)

So my washes on the girls arms didn't come out as smooth as I would have liked unfortunately. Therefore I enhanced with pastels to finish them off. I think it's worked out OK.

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