Saturday, 9 June 2012

Storm Brewing W.I.P stage 01

I began a new pastel painting today, on a piece of Maize coloured Pastelmat. It's about 19 x 15 inches and I'm using my Ashby soft pastels and also (will be) using the Faber Castell Pitt pastel pencils.
As can be seen, after sketching out a simple line drawing I've been working exclusively on the sky so far and I'm using a very limited palette of white and greys, although there is a little dark blue and dark brown in there too. For the elephant himself, I don't have a particular reference photo although I've been looking at a lot from various reference libraries to get an idea of the pose. I chose to use the Maize coloured pastelmat because there will be some reddish and orangey browns and yellow colours in the foreground.

I'll update with more progress in a couple of days hopefully.


Kae Hutchens said...

This is beautiful! I look forward to seeing the rest as it comes along :)

Peter Williams said...

Thanks Kae.