Monday, 11 June 2012

Storm Brewing W.I.P stage 2

Well, what with the Formula 1 plus all of the football on the telly over the weekend, progress has been quite slow on this painting.

So far I've concentrated really hard on the sky and I'm really pleased with it. However that was the easy bit really. I'm still not too sure as to whether I have sketched out the other ear correctly, but I've designed my sky so that I'll be able to alter the shape of it fairly easily with some more darks to the sky behind it if necessary.

I had thought that an elephant would be less challenging than a furry creature but that's proving not to be the case, what with all of the wrinkles and texture on the skin. After that I still have the foreground grasses to do.....I could be some time.

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Kathryn Hansen said...

each animal has it's own challenges!! It's looking fantastic!!