Monday, 30 July 2012

Dawn Departure

I'm lucky enough to have some wonderful friends...some of whom I've never even met! One such 'online' friend recently sent me a fantastic selection of Daniel Smith watercolour paints as well as a pure sable brush to try out, all the way from Australia. This sort of quality materials are few and far between for me, as I try to scratch a living from my art. So I was thrilled to receive them.

Then last week I was offered a job lot of various brands of good quality watercolour papers from one of my fellow stall holders at a craft fair.

So, having a short break from my queue of pencil commissions, today I set about trying them out. I decided to keep things quite simple having not had a chance to paint for a while. Using a new brush, strange (to me) paper and different paints to my usual, I wasn't expecting too much. Below is the result, which I completed in one session of about 5 hours. Approximately 14 x 10 inches Daniel Smith watercolours on Arches 140lb Hot Pressed paper.
I think I could have done a bit better but I'm a bit out of practice. These paints really granulate beautifully and surprising, subtle colours unexpectedly seep out as they dry. I love them. Hopefully someone will like this. I'll pop it in a frame later in the week and should get another watercolour done tomorrow before getting back to grips with my pencils for the final commissions.


Rick Grain said...

Stunning Peter. The colours give depth and a different perspective. I'm loving this

Sharon Whitley said...

I've heard so much about DS paints but as you say they're not cheap and can't justify spending the money when I've still got plenty of W&N tubes to keep me going, great to see you doing a watecolour again - and a fantastic one at that!

art prints said...

I find it interesting.. I like it..:) Great job!

Canidae Art said...

I love the moods you create with your watercolours pieces, tell me, how do you mix such natural looking colours? Mine always seem to be too bright and not nearly realistic enough. I don't mind my style, but sometimes I'd like a more sombre tone to my watercolours.

What do you suggest? Perhaps you can have a look at some of my watercolours and tell me where I may be going wrong?

Keep up the great art Peter,


Peter Williams said...

Chloe, that's a difficult question. We all develop our own style which will continue to evolve for as long as we continue to paint. I don't think too much about the way I paint, it just happens naturally. I do paint mostly wet into wet and allow the paint to diffuse and do it's magic, using plenty of colours on my palette. I know a lot of artists like to limit their colours to just a few....whatever floats your boat. But I had probably about 8 or 9 colours on the go for this even though the result looks quite simple. I don't think you should worry about changing your way of working, but try to remember how you achieved the effects that have really worked well in your paintings, and then use that same effect again next time and add to it. I really liked your 'Cave Paintings'. I hope you do more paintings like them.

Canidae Art said...

Thanks Peter, I'll bear that in mind, I think the issue is often that I don't mix enough colours, and so a red is just a red for example. Thanks for liking my cave paintings, I really love that style and yes I plan to do more, in fact I finished a new one just yesterday.