Friday, 27 July 2012

Diving Kingfisher Carving

Well, here is my second wood carving, made from a 'found' piece of horse chestnut wood. This one measures about 9 x 4 x 3 inches and has almost totally been carved using my knife. I've decided I will not use power tools at all for my carvings, just my knives and other vintage tools I have been accumulating. Firstly, because I want them to be natural and basic, something one might produce while out in the woods bonding with nature. Secondly, because I haven't got any and can't afford to go out and buy them!

 He's been finished, after copious rubbing down with fine sandpapers, with a couple of coats of natural wax. No varnish or anything. He has a lovely tactile surface now, very pleased with him I am.
Underneath there is a suggestion of legs but eventually my plan is to mount him onto the edge of a carved wooden bowl. I haven't started on that yet. I need to source a nice old piece of burr wood, or maybe even a root stump. Then I can leave some of the root pieces for him to be diving from, into the hollowed out bowl. Well, that's my vision anyway....we'll see how it ends up.


Ingrid Ormestad said...

My first thought was to say, "is there anything you're not good at" but then I thought of the determination, the drive and hopefully the pleasure you are getting from this. I know I would be totally engrossed in doing something like this, but I love wood. Pleased to see you waxed instead of varnished. "pleased with it" ... so you should be! :)

Sharon Whitley said...

Ingrid - that's exactly what I said when Peter did his otter carving - is there nothing you cannot do man?! Interested to know where this new interest has come from - the kingfisher is superb!

Peter Williams said...

Thank you ladies. It's something I've fancied having a go at for donkey's years but never got around to it. I have a good friend, Tom Jones (he's got a page on my website) who makes his living from wood carvings, sculpture and furniture. I love his work and he gave me a few pointers to get me started. I'm hooked now.