Thursday, 5 July 2012

My First Wood Carving

Oh dear. I fear my diving otter carving has taken on the resemblance of a seal (with a tail). It is intended to be sort of impressionistic/sculptural rather than realistic (Just as well)

Never mind, it's only my first effort and I've learnt a lot doing this one. It's about 13 inches long and carved out of a lump of Yew which I found out the back of the church after the trees were cut back.

My intention is to mount it onto this attractive piece of old drift wood I found on the beach, so that it looks like it's diving down.......

...a bit like this. I need to get some dowel which I'll insert into the base and and into the otter, gluing in place firmly.

A bit more polishing to go yet.

1 comment:

Sharon Whitley said...

is there nothing you cannot do Peter - I'm sure this will look fab when it's finished!