Friday, 10 August 2012

The Joys of Sharing Your Life With A GSD

What a bloody palaver! 4 O'clock in the morning Murphy slams the bedroom door open and goes into a complete panic attack. I get up bleary eyed and follow him as he belts down the stairs and starts to hurl himself at the back door (hasn't sussed out keys yet) so I let him out into the back garden. He hides at the back of the garden under some bushes and won't come out. I go back in and put the kettle on. Murphy batters the back door open and starts charging about the house. He's trembling, panting, heart racing, ears flat back, tail firmly down between his legs..... classic panic symptoms.

Then he starts trying to batter down the front door. Nothing I do will calm him down. Meanwhile little Leon is jumping up and down on the spot and chasing his tail with excitement, life's just a big game to him.

I decide to get dressed and take them for a walk to see if that will help. Quite nice down the beach actually at dawn...I didn't realise there were two 'half-past-fours' in a day. So, Murphy is completely calm while we're out, his usual self. We come back and I think about going back to bed....BANG! he's off again. Doors crashing, chairs going over....nothing I do will calm him.
I logged on and Googled 'dog panic attacks' to see if there is any advice on-line. Not a lot of help but it appears not to be uncommon in older dogs....could be anything from his eyes or ears failing, to liver disease or cancer! Bloody hell! I do my best with him until a reasonable hour when I ring up the vet and make an appointment. Perhaps they can give him a sedative or something.  The best they can do for an appointment is's going to be a long day I feel.

I sit outside with him. He appears a bit better out there in the garden hiding under the bushes, with spasmodic periods of hurling himself at the back gate.....(Jenny has slept through all this I hasten to add)

A bit later my neighbour comes out her back door, so I went over and apologised to her for all of the commotion that's been going on since four o'clock. "Oh don't worry" she says.. "I've been awake since about that time too, my smoke alarm keeps bleeping every 10 minutes or so....I think the batteries have died but I don't know how to get it apart."

So that was it! the bleep every 10 minutes or so from the house next door...inaudible to me but enough to send Murphy ballistic.....amazing. He is the most noble and bravest of dogs who will steam into any situation that threatens me or Leon, seeing off out-of-control dogs, no matter what size or how many....I'm sure he would die for me but a bleep from an alarm?... terrified.

I went in and sorted out her batteries for my neighbour...both dogs are sleeping like babies now whilst I haven't the energy to do anything else today. I tried a bit of drawing but my eyes are too tired...maybe tomorrow.... I'll veg out in front of the Olympics today I think.


Jean Scott said...

I must confess, though I loved this post, I have no idea what a GSD is.

Peter Williams said...

Sorry Jean....'German Shepherd Dog'

Tina Ashton said...

Loved this Pete :)

Tina Ashton said...
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