Monday, 13 August 2012

The Morning After....

The day dawns after the closing ceremony. Smoke still drifts around the stadium. Through it Clare Balding can be seen being dismantled by two men dressed in newspaper coats, storing her away in a dusty carton to be put on a trailer and towed off by a psychedelic taxi. Nearby a tall, thin, long haired man in a top hat and Dickensian dress forlornly tries to sell drugs to passers by....there are no takers.
An empty Cash4Gold envelope blows across the park, chased by a slightly built yet athletic black man. He is unable to catch up with it, for some reason he keeps making a gesture with both hands to the top of his head.
There's a terrible traffic snarl up caused by a man asleep at the wheel of his Range Rover in the middle of the road on Tower Bridge, the number plate is K3BAB. There are bank notes falling from his over-stuffed pockets but no-one can wake him up.
Lord Coe has retired to his gentleman's club for a few days where he continues to receive tuition on how to smoke a pipe, in another room Piers Morgan struggles to remove his head from his own arse as Boris watches and laughs hysterically.
For the first time since the 1950's children are playing excitedly in the streets. With cleverly adapted traffic cones forced onto their heads, they zoom along the deserted Olympic traffic lanes sporting long side-burns and scream at the top of their voices “You'll die on the hill!”
Other children are demanding a new pony from their parents....for some, dressage will be the only way out of the ghetto.
People on the bus are chatting authoritatively to each other about sports they previously knew nothing water-polo.... just one shark away from being the greatest sport on the planet. The conversation peters out as the bus drives past John Terry in full England strip, his outstretched arms holding a Union Flag as the backdrop for the photograph he has paid the Daily Mail reporter to take. Nearby Paul McCartney stands outside the underground station entrance, giving another chorus of Hey Jude ….three people join in.

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Have you been on the late night cheese diet again?