Sunday, 5 August 2012


My latest watercolour painting 'Whatever.....' approximately 17 x 14 inches on Saunders Waterford paper from another reference photo from the Paint My Photo website. I added the birds to give a little more movement, to contrast with the stillness of the big boy himself.

Still trying to master my new collection of Daniel Smith watercolour paints, I've realised now that painting in my usual style (as this is) probably isn't the best way to go with these as they don't really lend themselves to high detail. But the beautiful graining effects and delicious colours make for fantastic large washes with various diffused colours added in to the wet wash. Then I can add any finer detail with my usual (and cheaper) paints.

This was also made a little more difficult to do because of me having to leap off my chair and rush into the living room every time another British athlete started a final....still, it keeps me fit.


Teresa said...

Aren't the Olympics great this year? Just like your painting. I missed that photo on PMP, but I wouldn't have chosen it to do as I would not have given it the justice you have here. I love the bird in motion and how you have kept the wings fuzzy to give movement. From someone who is in the audience of your art endeavours you truly have my vote for a gold medal.

Peter Williams said...

Thanks Teresa. You're very kind.