Thursday, 27 September 2012

After Work

Yet again I was chuffed to receive a package containing more of the fantastic Daniel Smith watercolours last week, a present from a lovely lady all the way over in America. I have quite a good selection now and I'm really enjoying using them. When used in strong washes they really seem to glow and there is a hint of sparkle in some of them too, from the pure natural mineral pigments chosen for their light fastness and ground from semiprecious stones. Garnet, amethyst, tiger's eye, bloodstone, lapis lazuli (the original Ultramarine) and other gemstones wind up in the watercolour range with surprising and beautiful results. I probably wouldn't be able to afford to buy these paints normally, so can't thank enough the two ladies who have presented me with them, for no other reason than that they like my work and want to know what I do with them. I'm hooked now.

So, my painting for this week. About 22 x 15 inches watercolour on Daler Rowney 140lb paper. I may crop it a bit when I mount and frame it, although I rather like the effect of the unfinished areas to the left and underneath...makes it seem more painterly.

I used several different references for this painting, I think it has worked fairly well.
I'm trying my best to get a few more pieces done before my exhibition at Snape Maltings in November....details to follow nearer the time.


lia said...

very very nice except the back leg is too thick and not well defined!

Kathryn Hansen said...

it's beautiful...and i really like the white as well...i wouldn't crop into it.