Saturday, 15 September 2012

Summer 2012 Aldeburgh

This is a soft pastel painting I created this week, measuring about 18 x 9.5 inches on Pastelmat. It didn't go according to plan. I changed it over and again, I added some ink to see if that would help. Still not sure.

I think the problem was, I have an exhibition coming up soon in Snape and I thought it would be a good idea to paint some local scenes, just in case my other work doesn't raise much interest. However I can't seem to generate enthusiasm for this sort of scene nowadays, so my heart wasn't really in it.

However Jenny likes it and talked me into framing it and adding it to my stock of paintings. So I have done and it's currently for sale at quite a low price on my web site at Mighty Fine Art.

Actually, it's growing on me, but I think I will stick to what I enjoy doing from now on and hope people like what I like.

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